New DVDs 9/13/11

Thor- Marvel’s God of Thunder made his film debut over the summer, proving that if anyone could adapt a comic book about Space Vikings, it’s Kenneth Branagh. Be sure to check out the bonus short “The Consultant”, starring Clark Gregg’s fan favorite character Agent Coulson. 

Citizen Kane- Orson Welle’s classic film comes to Blu-Ray. A definite buy for film buffs, I would highly recommend it. 

Also, The STAR WARS Blu-Rays come out this week, but you really shouldn’t buy those anyway. If we don’t stop George Lucas now, who will?

Little girl reviews “Justice League #1”, does a way better job of it than I did. Maybe I should try to get her to write for us.


The soundtrack is a little off, but this looks awesome.

RIP Andy Whitfield, 1974-2011

Sad news day, as Andy Whitfield passed over this past weekend. Lymphoma claimed the Spartacus star, leaving behind his two young children, and a promising career.

White Luke Cage. 

Yet another of my nicknames is made into a movie, and yet again I’m not in it. 

So they don’t lace themselves? But you donate money to fight Parkinsons?

Seems like a fair trade. 

Also, I love Christopher Lloyd. So much. I would frolic with that man.

So this week has been sort of rough on the ol’ blog.

A friend of mine is visiting from out of town, so I apoligize for how irregular we’ve been about posting.

Hopefully we get things back in the proper groove next week.